Descend into a historic gold mine. Chug through the wilderness in a steam locomotive. Step into a jail that has housed many an outlaw.

Cripple Creek’s historic attractions will turn back the clock in the coolest ways possible.


Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad

In 1967, the Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad started taking passengers on a journey back into gold rush history and into the scenic heart of the Rocky Mountains. With its lovingly restored steam locomotives and historic 1894 station house, the railroad is one of the Gold Camp’s favorite family attractions. Visitors will ride … Read more

Cripple Creek District Museum

Since 1953, the Cripple Creek District Museum has worked to preserve the history of Cripple Creek.  Visitors can browse through a number of historic buildings, including the 1893 Colorado Trading & Transfer Building, the 1895 Midland Terminal Railroad Depot and a turn-of-the-century Assay Office.  A self-guided tour of the museum includes exhibits of railroad history, mining … Read more

Cripple Creek Heritage and Information Center

In the late 1800s, thousands of fortune-seekers made their way to Pikes Peak for the country’s last great gold rush. Now, more than a century later, you can make your own discoveries at Cripple Creek’s newest travel and informational resource center: the Cripple Creek Heritage Center. Overlooking the town of Cripple Creek, the facility is … Read more

Cripple Creek Information Center

The Information Center is located inside an authentic old train car. The train car was built in 1887 as a first-class passenger car, complete with a gentlemen’s smoking area (which is now the office).  There were seats throughout the entire car, gas-lit lights and a wood stove in the smoking area. Eventually, the car was changed over … Read more

Cripple Creek Jail Museum

Relive the outlaw days of the Wild West in the unique and popular Cripple Creek Outlaws and Lawmen Jail Museum, the hottest selfie spot West of the Mississippi. In the late 1800s, the promise of an easy fortune lured people to the gold mines of Cripple Creek; in just ten years, the population grew from … Read more

Cripple Creek’s Donkey Herd

Our current donkey herd is believed to be made up of several direct descendants of the donkeys that were used to work the mines in the Cripple Creek & Victor mining district in the early years of the gold camp. When miners had to leave the area, often their donkeys were let loose to roam. Today, the … Read more

Fire Station #3

The Cripple Creek Fire Department Station # 3 was completed in 1900 to provide protection from a recurrence of the city’s two catastrophic fires in 1896, which burned 47 acres of the city and destroyed more than 400 buildings. The museum is operated by the City of Cripple Creek to commemorate the service of our … Read more

Gold Bar Room Theater

The historic Gold Bar Room Theater is open, and once again entertaining visitors with a wide variety of shows, from historic performances of Wyatt Earp to comedy nights. This family-friendly tradition has been a part of Cripple Creek since 1946, when Wayne and Dorothy Mackin bought the Imperial Hotel and started a 45-year tradition of … Read more

Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine

This historic gold mine tour descends 1,000 feet below ground, where visitors learn about the workings of the 1890s hard rock gold miner. Guided tours allow visitors to explore the overlapping evolution of all four mining phases used to extract gold from the Mollie Kathleen, beginning with a ride on a skip to the lower … Read more

The Butte Theater

Since the town’s early days as a small mining camp, theater has always been a part of the rich heritage of Cripple Creek. Theaters and opera houses have come and gone over the years, but one historical venue that began in the heyday of the gold rush still features exciting and original live entertainment to … Read more

The Old Homestead House Museum

The Homestead House was once the most famous brothel in Cripple Creek. Owned and operated by Pearl DeVere, the opulent parlor bustled with activity and became known for impeccable service, high-powered customers and glamorous madams. At a time when $3 a day was considered a good wage for a miner, Pearl charged $250 a night, … Read more

Victor Lowell Thomas Museum

The Lowell Thomas Museum is located in nearby Victor and celebrates one of the country’s most revered broadcasters. Thomas made his mark in radio journalism in a career that spanned 50 years and took him throughout the world. The museum is housed in a historic, two-story building filled with artifacts, books, exhibits and photographs that … Read more

Victor’s Gold Camp Ag & Mining Museum

This rugged three-story museum does more than showcase tractors, vehicles and old pulleys and equipment–this museum is also a working garage. Visitors can watch a complex systems of pulleys and belts that power extremely large machines and equipment that would have been found in a large garage like this. An old blacksmith forge is complete with a … Read more

World’s Greatest Gold Camp Historical Tour

World’s Greatest Gold Camp Historical Tour Starting June 3, 2017, a brand new Historical Tour of the Gold Camp begins for the Summer. Check-in is at the Train Car Welcome Center in the Cripple Creek District Museum parking lot. This hour and forty minute tour aboard one of the Cripple Creek trolleys gives a comprehensive look into the important history … Read more

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