Cripple Creek Candy & Variety Store

The Cripple Creek Candy & Variety Store is a store like no other!  Looking for a great gift?  This candy store showcaCC Candy-12ses home-made fudge that is delicious, as well as beautiful home-made truffles with more flavors and designs than you can imagine.  Looking for a manufactured candyCC Candy-13?  The Cripple Creek Candy & Variety Store has old-timey favorites (think Mary Janes and Cow Tales) to modern favorites that you can’t live without.  This one-stop gift shop has balloons, cards and unique packaging like vintage-style lunch boxes to give your candy gifts in style.

Treat yourself while you’re treating everyone else – the extra large chocolate covered strawberries are hand-dipped, fresh and absolutely delicious.  Contact the Cripple Creek Candy & Variety Store for personalized candy designs, group events or large corporate orders.


Cripple Creek Candy Store

Phone: 719-689-5902

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