There are many ways to explore Cripple Creek and the surrounding area. Bike it, Jeep it, hoof it, raft it, ride it, or just plain hike it! Hiking is a great way to discover our scenic beauty and our gold mining past along many area trails. Visitors can choose from thousands of acres of Pike National Forest, … Read more


The events in Cripple Creek make an exciting place even more thrilling. Whether it’s the insane donkey races that fill Bennett during Donkey Derby Days or the vintage cars that rev during the Cruise Above the Clouds Car Show, you’ll find a very particular brand of fun in this Colorado valley.


Nature Watching Wildlife flourishes in the undeveloped land around Cripple Creek.  Mountain lions prey on mule deer, black bears forage on the lush hillsides and elk and bighorn sheep often make an appearance along the roads.  Smaller animals like foxes, coyotes, raccoons and many squirrels thrive in this habitat.  These beautiful creatures may often be seen … Read more


Wild donkeys roam through ruins of an old hotel. A two-story advertisement painted on the side of a casino speaks to us from a different age. The sights of Cripple Creek create a treasure all their own. Our photographers have shared a few of their favorites here. We invite you to share yours on our … Read more

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